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Bela Vista (Brazil) - Dark Espresso Roast

Bela Vista (Brazil) - Dark Espresso Roast

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Bela Vista's darker roast brings out the inherent flavor of the coffee bean to satisfy your strong coffee craving. This coffee is especially suited for making espresso (using a finer grind) but can also be used for a more intense drip coffee (using a medium grind).

The beans in our Boarding Pass Coffee Bela Vista espresso roast comes from Brazil, which has a heavy Italian influence. Bela Vista is one of the most traditional Italian neighborhoods in Sao Paulo.

Fun fact about espresso: Espresso originated in Italy in the 1900s. It was produced as a result of expressing piping hot water through finely ground coffee. The term 'espresso' has the same root as the Italian word 'esprimere' which means to express.

Flavor notes: Nuts, apple, chocolate

Altitude: 1000-1150 meters / 3281-3773 feet

Variety: Yellow Catuai

Process: Natural 

About the Roast:

Much like the United States, Brazil is a country built by immigrants, largely Italian immigrants. In the late 1800s, Brazil needed workers, and the government aimed to place Italian immigrants on plantations. However, the Italians were seeking a better life and opportunity.

Before long, the Italians ditched their plantations jobs and made their way into the city Sao Paulo. They congregated in a part of the city called Bela Vista, which means “Beautiful View”. In Bela Vista, the Italians were able to build a sense of community including their traditional food and drink from the Old World.


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