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Bakongo (DR Congo) - Medium-Dark Roast

Bakongo (DR Congo) - Medium-Dark Roast

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Bakongo is a medium-dark roast that will make you feel warm inside, with hints of dried cherry, brown sugar, and fig. It is made from specialty grade coffee from the slopes of the Rwenzori Mountains and is named after a Bantu ethnic group that inhabits the region of the Congo River in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Flavor Notes: Dried Cherry, Brown Sugar, Fig

Altitude: 1000-2000 meters / 3280-6562 feet

Variety: Blue Mountain, Rumangabo

Process: Washed

About Bakongo:

Bakongo is an ethnic Bantu group that has the largest representation in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This matriarchal society places high value on independence and traces its history to the Kongo kingdom, which encouraged education, excellence, and equality among its people.

Today, the Democratic Republic of Congo is considered the world's largest source of natural resources, specifically in cobalt and coltan mineral deposits.

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