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Chasquis (Peru) - Medium-Dark Roast

Chasquis (Peru) - Medium-Dark Roast

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Our organic Chasquis roast is a heavy body cup with mild acidity and undertones of dark chocolate, brown sugar, and prunes. The bean comes from Peru, with its deep history and roots in the Inca Empire.

During the times of the Inca Empire, the fittest, fastest, and most competent men were trained to become the highly skilled messengers known as 'chasquis.'

Flavor notes: Dark chocolate, brown sugar, granola, red apple

Altitude: 1200-1750 meters / 3937-5741 feet

Variety: Caturra, Bourbon, Typica, Pache, Catimor

Process: Washed


The chasquis were responsible for carrying messages and gifts through the chasquis relay system, up to 150 miles per day. They were also trained to use and interpret and relay the meaning of 'quipus' to higher authorities and other chasquis.

A quipu was a messaging device made from colorful strings of cotton in which data were coded using complex knotting systems in the strings themselves (see example on front of this postcard). The Inca used quipus for keeping records such as tax obligations, census tallying, and other important information.

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