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Kokoda (Papua New Guinea) - Dark Roast

Kokoda (Papua New Guinea) - Dark Roast

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A balanced cup with a creamy body and mild acidity meets rich, round chocolate undertones. Subtle walnut and dried fruit-like sweetness complement the creamy taste.

Today the Kokoda Trail (also known as the Kokoda Track) seems custom made for adventure seekers. Picture sixty miles of narrow trail in the overgrown tropical jungle of the Owen Stanley Mountain Range. Hot, steamy days with monsoon rains are bookended by bitter nights where cold seeps into your bones. This is the rugged reality of the Kokoda Trail. As you trek single file, you recite the trail's mantra of "endurance, sacrifice, courage, and mastership" which harkens back to the wartime days of the 1940s. The historical significance is known to locals and foreigners alike who recall the battle of WWII that took place here.


Flavor notes: Chocolate, walnut, dried fruit

Altitude: 1600-1900 meters / 5249-6234 feet

Variety: Typica

Process: Washed 


The Kokoda Trail is a rugged mountain trail that was where a historical battle took place in 1942 between Japanese and Allied (mainly Australian) troops. The trail is sixty miles and passes through many mountain villages, steep ridges and reaches elevation of 8,169 feet at its highest point of Mt Bellamy. Generally speaking, is a very narrow path, meaning many parts are only passable by foot and single file. It is tough going, and trekkers can normally complete it from between 6 and 10 days, with the fastest known finish time being 16 hours and 34 minutes by Brendan Buka in 2008. Buka was a 24 year old porter for a trekking company when he broke his previous record. To date, no one is known to have beaten his record. 

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