Game ON Boarding Pass Coffee!

Game ON Boarding Pass Coffee!

There is excitement and stress that precedes the launch of a project that was so planned and expected, and that generates huge expectations not only on yourself but on everyone around you.

That's how I'm feeling today, August 20, 2020. I'm about to launch the Boarding Pass Coffee brand, which has a beautiful story behind the choice of name and logo (visit our About Us page to learn more ), there are only 2 days left and anxiety, of course, is up there, heartbeat and stress level too. But, man this feels good!

Well, of course, creating a company and venturing into the entrepreneurial world in a new country is a huge challenge, understanding how business rules and business work, I feel like I’ve been learning to “walk” again. Things that were so basic in my country of origin, here, hum ... they don't work, or work differently, so learning mode is ON.

Now, imagine doing all this with a pandemic happening, creating an economic crisis and making everyone scared? Oh, and there’s more, there’s still the fact that I am in the last semester of my MBA at Georgia Tech and of course my father and husband roles at home, specially now with homeschooling and all. Welcome to my world! It is fun and not boring, I can tell you.

To use a soccer analogy to explain how I am feeling, the ball is there in the middle of the field just waiting for the referee to whistle and the game starts, almost there, the anxiety only increases but the certainty that the training was well done and the focus is on in the right place brings confidence that the game will be good and fun!

Let’s play!

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