The Story of Boarding Pass Coffee

So, how did Boarding Pass begin?

It all started with coffee, travel, and a little bit of fate when Murilo and Christine Santos met in 2013! Since then, many cups of coffee have been had, and the two have traveled the world together. In 2020, they decided to pour their love for coffee and travel into something new: Boarding Pass Coffee. Offering specialty coffee from Murilo’s family farm in Brazil, as well as roasts from some of their favorite destinations, Boarding Pass Coffee has become a premier selection for coffee lovers from all blends of life. With a growing list of roasts and coffee tastings to educate even the most knowledgeable coffee enthusiasts, Boarding Pass Coffee has something for everyone on their unique coffee journey!

About Murilo and Christine

While Boarding Pass Coffee started in 2020, a lifetime of travel brought Christine and Murilo together. In fact, the two have visited 66 and 40 countries, respectively, with an ever growing list of planned trips. When they met in 2013, they were attracted to each others sense of adventure. Soon the couple were spending weekends on windy rides through the Brazilian countryside to Murilo’s family coffee farm – the Fazenda Sant'ana in Serra Negra.

As Christine and Murilo’s relationship grew, so did the amount of time they spent at the farm. The fresh air and beautiful simplicity of the scenery provided a perfect getaway with friends and family. The routine of afternoon coffee and warm, homemade cake became second nature, as did their growing relationship. And in 2014, Murilo and Christine embarked on a new adventure: marriage. While wedding planning can be quite difficult, the venue selection was a no-brainer. In the months leading to the big day, Murilo’s family was transforming the functioning farm into an event space suitable for 300+ guests.

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When the wedding day finally arrived, the picturesque setting was something out of a dream, with rolling coffee fields in every direction. Surrounded by friends and family, the two were married at the farm's small chapel. The reception that followed was a melding of both American and Brazilian traditions, with Murilo serenading Christine with Samba versions of Marvin Gaye classics. After the night had come to an end, the newlyweds had a parting gift for their guests: Personalized packages of Fazenda Sant’ana coffee. The guests loved their souvenirs so much that they were often asked to bring back more coffee for their US-based friends and family!

After the birth of their daughters, the family decided to relocate to Christine’s native country in 2018. Toting 9 passports and 10 boarding passes, they arrived at their new home in Georgia. However, this new life was missing one thing – coffee from the farm! So, in early 2020, Christine and Murilo starting offering Fazenda Sant'ana coffee for the true farm-to-cup experience.

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