Experience 5 different specialty coffees side by side in this unique coffee tasting experience. 

Murilo Santos, our founder and in-house roaster, will present a wide variety of roast levels and origins during this intimate coffee tasting experience. You’ll walk away with a greater appreciation of what’s in your cup!

Two types of tastings are available - onsite at the roastery and virtual for those who are spread out (great for team building).

If you don’t see your preferred availability, shoot us an email at info@boardingpasscoffee.com and we’ll find a time that works!


Ahead of the tasting, we send each participant a tasting kit. Your group can be near or far - we've had groups as far away as Europe! The kits have (almost) everything that is needed to join the tasting - they include five pourover coffee pouches, measuring cups, and even tasting spoons. All you need at home are five mugs/cups, a kettle to heat water, and an internet connection!

Then, everyone joins on a Zoom call hosted by Boarding Pass Coffee founder Murilo Santos. Depending on group size, these sessions normally run 60-90 minutes.

Murilo begins by giving a background on coffee production and components of coffee tastings. Then, the real fun starts! He guides everyone through preparation of the five coffee samples and your group spends the remainder of the time comparing and contrasting what they are tasting. You'll be amazed how different people's tastes are!

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