Getting our travel fix, Glamping style!

Getting our travel fix, Glamping style!

Christine and I often talk about how much we miss traveling. We miss exploring new places and discoveries different from our daily lives. Of course, after having children our trips became less adventurous, but we never really stopped traveling, even if it was a short weekend trip to a neighboring town to break the routine.

Back in 2017, long before we thought about moving to the USA and when the word pandemic was something we only heard about in zombie movies, we took a family trip that was really cool and that opened our horizon to a different way to travel than what we were used to. On a trip to Pittsburgh, PA visiting Christine's family, we rented a motorhome and traveled to a campground a couple of hours away.


These were three intense days in which we had everything -  a lot of sun, a lot of rain, and a lot of family time. Although it was not a small motorhome, the space was not that big for a family of five! But with the forged memories in that short trip, and reminiscing makes the girls beg to “camp out again.” Yes, they think that camping is staying in a motorhome with air conditioning and microwave, but what can I say?  I am also a fan of the “glamping” style of camping. Don’t get me wrong - I love nature and adventures, but I wouldn’t trade a bed and a hot shower at the end of the day for anything!

I recently got to know the Goodmorning Outdoors company here in Northern Georgia. They offer a premium Glamping service for families like mine, who love to travel and explore, but also want to have a camping experience with some of the nicer comforts. They deliver and setup your chosen RV trailer at the campground of your choice, or at their own 27 acre farm in Marble Hill, GA. The trailers comes equipped with everything you need to enjoy a unique getaway. They even have different types of trailers to choose from depending on the size of your group.

We have partnered with Goodmorning Outdoors based on our mutual love of travel and adventure. And the best part? Boarding Pass Coffee is offered in the RVs to give you your ticket to the world’s best flavors no matter where you are!

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