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How I Became a Coffee Convert

I am a notorious NOT-MORNING person. I remember being in probably elementary school and my mom making me a cup of tea each morning for breakfast. In retrospect, this sounds odd to prepare hot tea for breakfast for a 2nd grader, but now I realize that she was just trying to get our butts up and functional.

In high school, my parents tried to get me to drink coffee, not to stunt my growth (I was already 5’10’’) but to get me the heck out the door in the morning. My dad takes his laden with milk and sugar, so they tried that with me and I promptly rejected it. It was too sugary sweet and tasted like the warm milk leftover in a bowl of Honey Smacks. Yuck. From then on out, I was a self-proclaimed non-coffee drinker.

I avoided 8ams all through college and then one day I found myself studying abroad in Europe and at a friend’s parents house for a formal dinner. I politely declined the after-dinner coffee, and explained how I tried but coffee just wasn’t for me. The parents looked horrified and more or less insisted that this coffee wasn’t like the swill I would have drank in the US. I reluctantly took a sip of the coffee -  black - with one of the perfectly formed chocolates from the tray. World. Rocked. The coffee was amazing and the caffeine hit me stronger than a cup of Lipton tea.

Back on US soil, I threw myself into all things coffee, no longer paying much attention to the actual taste but the jolt coffee could give me. This was right around the time that Starbucks (and Dunkin’ Donuts) were popping up on every corner offering their version of “gourmet” coffee. I joined a Gevalia subscription service and then later was all aboard the Keurig train. I spent the next 10 years buzzed on caffeine and never late for a 6am flight.

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