Interview with Boarding Pass Coffee’s Instagram Sweepstakes Winner

Interview with Boarding Pass Coffee’s Instagram Sweepstakes Winner

Congratulations to Kristen Hays for her good luck!

Last month we held a giveaway on Instagram and Kristen won a Chemex, grinder, French Press, $100 gift card for our coffee, and a complimentary hat and mug.

But don’t worry if you missed out, keep an eye on our page for future opportunities to win your own prize!

So to celebrate, we thought we’d interview Kristen and see where her coffee obsession began.

1. Where did your love of coffee begin?
Kristen started drinking coffee at her pharmacy job while she was 19, enjoying it with her coworkers as an enjoyable way to start her day.
But, Kristen’s love of GOOD coffee started when she attended a local cupping and realized the depth of flavor fresh coffee has.

2. How do you make your coffee, and do you add anything to it?
Kristen uses a Ninja Coffee Bar (an excellent choice) and usually brews a morning cup, and sometimes in the afternoon. She likes a strong cup, with some sweet Italian Cream.

3. What part of the sweepstakes are you most excited to receive?
The Chemex! 

4. ​What is your go-to drink at a cafe?
Kristen favors an iced coffee with a splash of creamer in the summer, and a simple pour over with milk to warm her up in the winter.

5. If you could go anywhere in the world post-covid, where would it be?
Ireland. She’s always wanted to go there, she even named her daughter after the country!

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