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Why do you drink bad coffee?

I know it's not your fault, coffee is that basic item that we consume practically every day in the morning, but that many people consider to be a powerful source of encouragement to start the daily journey, and not much more than that. Therefore, for many people, what counts is strong coffee, very dark and with a lot of caffeine.

It is interesting to observe how coffee is still a highly underestimated product and little valued by the so-called “mainstream” of the population, and this I say not only here in the United States, but also in other places like Brazil, where I was born and for many years the largest coffee producer in the world. Until then, people drink coffee “just” for the stimulus and coffee lovers form a very small group among the many consumers of the drink.

I have to say, maybe it's a surprise, or not, but I was like that too, coffee was the drink that helped me when I had a bad night's sleep, or I needed to be alert and alert during a long car trip or I needed to study or working late, it was my “magic potion” to be able to continue the rhythm and perform the necessary tasks, without thinking about the quality, aromas and flavors so complex embedded in that traditional and ancient drink. Just as a bodybuilder makes use of food in a very utilitarian way, focusing much more on the result that the substances contained in the food can generate than on the flavor itself, coffee was also like that for me and it is like that for many people.

But I know I'm a lucky guy, because my family decided to make an investment in a small coffee-producing farm in the interior of the State of São Paulo in Brazil, to be the place where we would spend our weekends, fleeing the madness of big city and be able to enjoy the fresh and clean air of the region. The farm at the time had low production and with medium quality coffee beans.

The farm is located in one of the most favorable regions for the production of great Arabica coffees in Brazil, and this quickly came to the fore and the decision to raise the quality of our coffee was not long in coming. Some years passed, and much investment later, our coffees started to win awards and prestige in the region, in our state and in Brazil.

Well, then I started to understand what good coffee is, Special coffee. And don't talk to me about Starbucks or anything.

I'll tell you more soon ...

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