Coffee Tasting Experience That Bring Out the Roast Connoisseur in You

Coffee Tastings that Take Your Love of this International Drink to the Next Level 

Coffee Sommelier.  Like wine tasting workshops work closely with a Sommeliers to help you identify the signature flavors that come from specific vineyards and harvests, coffee tasting sessions are all about working directly with a coffee expert to help you understand the nuances behind the body and aromas you’ll find in varying coffee roasts from around the world. Direct from our coffee laboratory in Milton, Georgia, our founder Murilo Santos works directly with guests, groups of friends and families, and even corporate teams to help them get to know and experience coffee flavors like never before.

Coffee Tastings Will Help You Select the Best Roast for You We offer virtual, in-person and custom/group coffee tasting sessions. While you are with us, you will experience a variety of different specialty coffees side-by-side.  Through this process you will:

• Learn about a coffee origins (The Coffee Belt), the different roasting methods and types of coffee it produces.

• Better detect sweetness and acidity levels –and discover what fits your taste palate.

• Discover key factors such as the finish/texture of the coffee (that helps ensure every sip is just as flavorful as the next).

• And so much more.

Did you know?

Over two billion cups of coffee are consumed daily.

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