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Santa Rosa de Cabal (Colombia) - DECAF - Medium-Dark Roast

Santa Rosa de Cabal (Colombia) - DECAF - Medium-Dark Roast

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Our decaf Santa Rosa de Cabal roast delivers the smooth flavor and aroma of high-quality, specialty coffee without the caffeine. This well-balanced roast has undertones of nougat, caramel, and red apple that harmonize across your palate.

A cup of Santa Rosa de Cabal coffee will bring you joy and tranquility, as it transports you to the healing Santa Rosa de Cabal thermal hot springs on the slopes of the Andean mountains.

Flavor notes: Dried cherry, caramel, nougat, red apple and hazelnut.

Altitude: 1750 meters / 5741 feet

Variety: Caturra, Castillo

Process: Sugar cane decaf (ethyl acetate), an organic compound derived from sugar cane - to remove 97% of the caffeine from coffee beans.

About Santa Rosa de Cabal:

Santa Rosa de Cabal is a mountainous coffee region in Colombia, abundant with beautiful waterfalls and steamy natural thermal hot springs among a breathtaking cloud forest.

A slow pace is the only pace you’ll find here. With a view of epic, misty mountains, your body will sink into relaxation, even before soaking in the thermal hot springs.

About The Decaffeination Process:

This coffee went through a custom decaffeination process in Colombia that results in removal of almost all the caffeine, using a special and natural process.

The green coffee beans are soaked in a solvent with a derivative of fermented sugar to bond the coffee's chlorogenic salts that allows for the caffeine to be removed. Then, the coffee is extracted from the solution, and the solvent is removed by steaming the coffee at a low pressure. The finished product retains its flavor integrity but contains hardly any caffeine at all. The maximum amount of caffeine that remains after this process is between 0.01–0.03% caffeine.

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