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Boarding Pass Coffee

Pods (works with K-cup machines)

Pods (works with K-cup machines)

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We’ve heard from our coffee travelers that they love our roasts, but busy lives mean that they don’t always have the time to prepare and brew a full pot. So, we researched and tested to find the best solution to meet your needs, without sacrificing on quality. Boarding Pass Coffee is proud to now offer yet another way to enjoy our specialty roasts – in single-serve pod form!

Good coffee is a combination of several factors – quality of beans, roasting, freshness and brew method.  Although aroma and flavor are fullest in freshly ground and traditionally brewed coffee, we know that sometimes many of us prefer the practicality of single serve pods.


We want to offer our coffee travelers the easy brew method of using their Keurig machines, but we’re also mindful of the impact of single-serve packaging that could end up in landfills.  The plastic cups and aluminum lids are both recyclable, and it takes just a little commitment from you. It’s really a small effort that can make a huge difference for our environment.  We ask you to follow the steps below before you dispose of your used coffee pods so that they can be recycled:

  1. After brewing the coffee, wait till the cup has cooled down
  2. Peel off the aluminum lid
  3. Remove the grounds and paper filter – both are compostable
  4. Rinse the pod and lid, now they can go in your recycling bin
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