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Vila Belmiro (Brazil) - Peaberry - Medium-Dark Roast

Vila Belmiro (Brazil) - Peaberry - Medium-Dark Roast

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Our Vila Belmiro roast, made from Brazilian Peaberry beans, is named in honor of the legendary Pelé.

The round Peaberry bean is reminiscent of the shape of a soccer ball, which Pelé mastered so artfully.

Nicknamed "O Rei" (The King), Pelé was named Athlete of the Century by the International Olympic Committee in 1999. He holds a Guiness Book World Record of 1282 lifetime goals. Throughout Pelé’s illustrious career, he scored goals in 74 countries! Vila Belmiro is especially notable as it is the stadium where Pelé has scored the most goals in his career.

Flavor notes: Chocolate, almond, molasses, dried fruits

Altitude: 1000-1150 meters / 3281-3773 feet

Variety: Yellow Catuai (Peaberry)

Process: Natural

What is a Peaberry Bean?

Peaberry is the term for coffee beans that are fully round (much like a pea), as opposed to the traditional coffee beans that are rounded on one side and flat on the other.

For context, coffee beans are the seeds of the coffee cherry (which is a fruit!) and there are usually two seeds inside that face each other. If you can picture inside the cherry, the flat edges of the coffee bean face each other and the rounded edges are nestled along the rounded edges of the cherry. Peaberry beans are the rare cases where the cherry seeds do not separate into two, and only one seeds remains.

Many believe that the Peaberry bean has a more desireable flavor due to receiving more nutrients inside the cherry, and allow for more even roastin due to its round shape. Find out for yourself by trying Vila Belmiro!


About Vila Belmiro

Vila Belmiro is the home of Brazil’s Santos Football Club in the coastal city of Santos in São Paulo state. While officially named Estádio Urbano Caldeira, the stadium is most commonly referred to as Vila Belmiro.

Born Edson Arantes do Nascimento in 1940, Pelé joined the Santos Football Club at age 16. At the time, this was very young to play professionally. Shortly after his debut, he was selected for the Brazilian National Team. At the 1958 World Cup in Sweden - his first time out of the country - Pelé led the team to its first World Cup win.

Along with the World Cup trophy, Pelé brought home to Brazil a newfound sense of pride. At the time, Brazil was a quickly modernizing country and the victory firmly landed the country on the map. Ironically, Pelé has said that he had not been sure if the country was even aware of the victory, and so was surprised when the team plane's arrival was met with incredible fanfare. There were parades and dancing in the street. It was a celebration of the victory, the team, and the country.

Pelé himself was regarded as a national treasure. His teammates were aware they were watching the world’s greatest player develop before their eyes. He was treated like royalty due to his sensational skills on the field, and his magnetic personality off the field.



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